Sodium sulfocyanate
3-Chloroaniline; Meta Chloro...
Zinc Carbonate Hydroxide

        TBI Corporation Ltd. is active in the production and operation of the chemicals, benefiting from its long-term manufacturing, warehousing and marketing experience in the chemical industry, and its benign relationship with the customers as well.  
        TBI Corporation takes its unique geographic advantage of being located at both the highway and the railway hubs in Eastern China, to establish a benign business relationship with several well-known chemical raw material suppliers, such as Anhui Bayi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., SINOPEC Nanjing Chemical Industries Co., Ltd. CNSG Inner Mongolia Yabulai Industrial Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Yangnong Chemical Group Co., Ltd., and XinJiang Tulufan Ruide Chemical and Light Industry plant, etc.
        TBI’s domestic market covers the main manufacturing regions of the dyestuff, the pesticide, and the pharmaceutical materials in Jiangsu province, Zhejiang province, Shanghai, Northwest China, and North China, etc. Its main exportation destinations are Europe, North America, India, Japan, and Southeast Asia, etc.
        TBI Corporation takes Anhui province, Jiangxi province, Inner Mongolia, and Ningxia Autonomous Region as its main production bases, according to the coordination optimizing of the local chemical products and the geographic conveniences. Besides, TBI has its own logistic team for the transportation of the dangerous chemical goods, in order to deliver the goods to the customers more safely and efficiently. TBI Corporation is organized with the financial department, the international trade department, the domestic trade department, the purchasing department, the storage and transportation department, the electronic department, the hardware and reagent department, and the training department.
        TBI Corporation will continuously devote itself into the raw material supply and the production research of the fine chemical products, especially of the organic intermediates for the nitro-chlorobenzene derivatives, relying on the cooperation with the enterprises such as COFCO, CNSG, Anhui Bayi, etc. TBI will gradually enrich its product selection and enlarge its industrial chain in order to react more promptly and efficiently to the slightest change of the domestic or the foreign market and to the customer’s demands as well.
        “Morality creates wealth; integrity brings profit and friendship”. TBI Corporation shares its unique business concept of being every customer’s friend rather than merely a partner. We will take your needs and demands into our consideration and provide you with our most efficient services, our best products at the most competitive prices, and our specialized and professional technical supports. 

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